M A R E   H I L S T R A

Embodied poetry


space - stories - collage - philosophy - findings -  poetry - shamanic work - painting 


Hand and feather, cardboard, (earth)pigment, chalk, papers, pencil, plywood, 56 x 50 cm, 2020

About me

I am a poet and artist from an island in the North of the Netherlands

living and working since 2018 in Loshult - a small village in the South of Sweden.


I have been writing poetry from when I was 6 years old - experiencing magic when rhyming

De bladeren waaien/ het lijkt net of ze zwaaien (free translated) branches of a tree - with waving at me.

After studying fine art in education and creative writing in Amsterdam I landed home surrounded by the trees of South Sweden.

I have been listening more and more to the stories and lines of nature, especially the trees.

Next to my poetry and visual art I create space to listen to each others stories and the stories of nature.



Take a look at my latest art

and poetry work. Contact me if you are interested in buying one.


Little gift

of art and poetry

Order a little poetry artwork on postcard size for (150kr/15euro)

with a poem on the back side


Moonmail newsletter

Receive every full moon some of my latest embodied poetry inspiration.



Fyra Vindar

You can see my art and poetry

in real life

in my summer home gallery

in Loshult - a small lovely village

in the South of Sweden.


Art & Story atelier

I offer one group for kids

and one for adults.

You  learn to find inspiration, experiment with techniques and find the words and images

for stories with and around you.

ikbenmare@gmail.com      Klockarevägen 7 Loshult       Galleri Fyra Vindar 

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