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Schermafbeelding 2022-10-31 om 13.31.10.png

A late autumn (22') exhibition of 13 abstract poetry paintings on the different seasonal moons and moods one can have. Showed in Lokal Lokstallet, a beautiful old industrial round shaped building in Älmhult.


For a long time I have been inspired by the moon. In a year the moon travels 13 times around the earth. All these different moons have been given all kinds of names and meanings in different cultures. To me they are connected with nature and the colors of the seasons. Living with the cycles of brightening and darkening within and around me feels meaningful. When I give space and time to listen to all these circling shades of light and color - I experience how moods and feelings can complement each other just as the seasons do.

In this exhibition I have started to work bigger than before (average 120 x 80 cm). This allowed me to make more physical and bold movements and within this process dive into composition, curves-of-lines and colors. A relation with a color feels very special to me, I believe that colors have a spirit too. For example the spirit of blue appeared to me in a dream as a wise and funny raindrop. It taught me beautiful things. These kind of teachings and stories are with me while working at the same time in an abstract, repetitious and physical way.


I have used soft pastel, pencil, ink and my favorite pigments with water and binder in order to create different layers. The work is made on left-over boards and sheets from the renovation of our place or other recycled boards I have found or received here and there. The frames I have made in a friends wood workshop across the field where I live.

The vernissage will be on Friday November the 18th at 20.00.  There is a live performance consisting of a reading of my 13 mood- poems and 4 seasonal songs sang by singer songwriter Lea from Lea and the loved ones. On the weekend days (19 and 20th November) there is the open activity 'making moonmobiles' for kids and parents. opening hours 13.00 -15.00.


Atelier with the blue winter moons in progress


Making frames in the woodworkshop

Lokstallet, the exhibition venue with the shape of a half moon

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