M A R E   H I L S T R A

Embodied poetry

About me

I am a poet and artist from Texel, an island of in the North of the Netherlands living in Loshult, a little village in the South of Sweden.

From 2009 - 2018 I lived in Amsterdam, studying fine arts in education and creative writing. Besides my own poetry and art I have been doing all kinds of projects to make space to share silence, stories and poetry.

Since my move to Sweden I have started to make space to express the stories of nature and with this I felt the need to create more visual poetry. Also I found a shamanic training that deepens my connections with nature, the way I created (in connection), the world around me and my intention to help others to feel more connected. 


Schermafbeelding 2019-10-18 om 17.59.59.

ikbenmare@gmail.com      Klockarevägen 7 Loshult       Galleri Fyra Vindar