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From 13 moons / 13 moods:

V.    Glowing    


To glow. Letting the sun ripen your joy. In joy you belong. The joy to be. To be the joy. The joy to be and be growing. Growing along. Feeling the warmth and feeling it slow. The whole way    around the sun reloads in the flow of your veins. Deepen the light. How bright can sink. Deep within - light starts to sing. 


Photo by Tonje Eliasson

X.    Listening


To listen always starts with listening. Traveling through bodies - it beats in the heart, it flows through the veins, it    streams through the blood, it bends in the bones, it stretches in muscles it blows in the breath. Listening. It travels in bodies, deep within - where all connects - a little whispering. A little whispering starts to sing. The heartbeat of the earth is near.

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