Since my move to Sweden (2018) I have been listening more to 'the poems of nature'. They contain a language that nowadays comes more visually and physically to me (than my previous written poetry). Rhythm, repetition, layering, contrast, composition and finding unique lines is what I love to focus on when I create.


I have been working and living in a big fixer upper from 1840 in a little village called Loshult. In this countryside environment the coincidental and accidental take a big part in my process. Together with a toolbox of gathered old papers, favorite pigments, my granddads painting box, reclaimed boards and woods. Within the process of making - different painting and drawing techniques are expressing a dialogue with the world around and within me.

To repeat poetic written lines is also (still) a part of the work. These lines come in three languages. Examples are: Blauw voelen vallen aan de binnenkant van je huid  (Feeling blue falling down on the inside of my skin), Ik groei in mijn voeten ik leer het van de bomen. (I grow in my feet I learn it from the trees), Ik luister naar de hart slag van de aarde. (I listen to the heartbeat of the earth), Het is de opdracht van de mens om haar wonder in parels the veranderen (by Hildegard von Bingen; It is the task of human beings to change her wounds into pearls) Minnena ska blomma. (The memories will blossom) and: Blue is my home is my blue.

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