Mare Hilstra (1989) is a Dutch poet and artist who lives

in the Fyra Vindar home together with her husband Friso Wiersma.

Mare creates most of the poetry and art showed in the gallery 

and curates the exhibitions and workshops.

Mare grew up on the island of Texel. The Sea has been her greatest teacher.On the island artist Ericka Voortman was also a great mentor to her. From 2016 - 2018 Mare served the island by being the first official 'island poet'. A function in which she wrote 6 poems a year for the municipality of the island and performed the poems at different events.

From 2009 - 2018 Mare lived in Amsterdam, here she studied fine arts in education and writing poetry, and worked with teaching, art and poetry in various ways.

Since Mare her move to Sweden (in 2018) her writing and human language became less upfront, she started to listen more and more to the language of nature. This resulted in a visual poetry form she calls 'poetry paintings'. The listening is recently empowered by the the path of shamanism she has found in Sweden; a way of life that acknowledges every thing and being has a soul. Mare found her teachers Zara Waldebeck and Jonathan Horwitz last October while doing the workshop ‘The Shamans Journey’ at the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies. 

Fyra Vindar

In the summer of 2018 Mare and Friso fell in love with the house 'Fyra' and the village of Loshult in the South of Sweden. The house dates from around 1840. It is used as a farm, a place for holiday school camps for kids and a bike repair workshop.


'When moved in we found many stories from different centuries. Stories where whispering through the walls, the floors, the doors, the left behind things and big Aunt Cherry Tree guarding the house.' 


In the summer of 2019 Mare opened the doors of

'Galleri Fyra Vindar'.  'Fyra' was the old name of the house since it was the fourth that was build in the village. 

The new name 'Fyra Vindar' had the corresponding series of poetry paintings in the first exhibition. It was the start of a place where creativity can grow and blow in all the directions of the wind.