M A R E   H I L S T R A

Embodied poetry


I work with different writing, pressing, drawing and collage techniques  The materials I use are mostly recycled, reclaimed and found.

I also mix (earth) pigments with water and recycle or make frames myself from recycled wood. A work always starts with one piece of paper which I combine with a line or a contrast. Slowly while adding lines, colors, writings, papers, painting and pressing techniques a work appears which sings to me. On the back of every work I write a poem.

I am inspired by the cross overs of language, image and nature. I intent to make space, invite and listen to more silent languages and stories

such as animals and trees have. Within this -- I work with shamanistic techniques in order to listen to what wants or needs to be expressed.

Not only by me, but also by the world around me. During the proces I try to be aware of my inner and outer eye.

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Hand and Feather

I found an angel in a cave

Hand and feather, cardboard, (earth)pigment, chalk, papers, pencil, plywood, 56 x 50 cm, 2020

Guide lines

Never expected

Never the same

No road twice

follow lines lines

lines, ones, twice.


between heights

43 x 55 cm.jpg

Guide lines cardboard, (earth)pigment, chalk, papers, pencil, 56 x 50 cm, 2020


43 x 53 cm.jpg

To a white feather

Fallen from the sky

from sun set pink

on green grass


all my craving

all my longings

all my missing

all my wishing

waving away

with you --

light as the wind

To a white feather cardboard, papers, pencil, soft pastel 45 x 55 cm, 2020



A nephews drawing

in a couple of seconds

genuine lines arise

a nine year - life experience

Patience my dear

says the animal

with a home on the go

all is here - just follow your road.


A nephews drawing cardboard, papers, pencil, paint                                     25 x 15 cm, 2020




Three blue lines

Blue is wide

Blue is precise 

One for dark

One for light

One for here and now

Sometimes one is big

and one is small

sometimes three are one

sometimes they are all

Three blue lines, cardboard, papers, pencil, soft pastel, pigment, 

                                                                   45 x 55 cm, 2020


Cherry tree (leaf)

Red bird

black bird

cradle feelings


water ceremony 

Red bird

black bird

cradle feelings


water ceremony

Red bird

black bird

cradle feelings


water ceremony


Cherry tree leaf, cardboard with water traces, papers, pencil,

                                      print, paint, leaf,  34 x 64 cm, 2020



Yellow Tipi

two lines 

made of sunlight

reminding me


peaceful and wild

Yellow tipi, cardboard, (earth)pigment, chalk, papers, softpastel, pencil, 60 x 90 cm, 2020




patience in weaving

patience in believing

patience in feeling

patience in healing

patience in red

patience in blue

patience in me

patience in you

41 x 49 cm.jpg

Patience, cardboard, (earth)pigment, chalk, papers, photos of craft lady's softpastel, pencil, 30 x 40 cm, 2020




All the chaos around

falls down to the ground

slow like a feather

after some stormy weather

The simple home lives

near forest, skies and streams

still fully alive

in memory and dreams.

Shelter, cardboard, (earth)pigment, chalk, papers, photos of craft lady's softpastel, pencil, 40 x 50 cm, 2020


Lines of home

blood flows through lines of my veins 

breath blows through lines of my lungs

On my head grows hair - fur for thoughts,

line after line after line

the lines in my palm show

every where I go

I carry lines home

37 x 45 cm.jpg

Lines of home, cardboard, pigment, chalk, papers, soft-pastel, pencil, 30 x 40 cm, 2020



To a root

I want to say today

how I flew away

so far away

you keep reminding me

a different way

Today I say, 

deep deep Root

thank you 

step by step

foot by foot

To a root, reclaimed paper(s), dried leaf, pencils, inc, 30 x 40 cm, 2020


20 x 20 cm.JPG

Jay bird joy, old papers, pigment,

      pencil on recycled mdf, 20 x 29


Jay bird joy

Bird with blue

of a summer day sky

bird planting forests

of acorns 

you stored for winter

and forgot

Thank you Jay

Thank you Joy

How light you sing

while blue falls down

on the inside of my skin.

Meeting Blue I

Hej you

its me

I wonder how to thank you: biggest

of what I can think of

Blue laughs

Funnier and more personal

I could have ever imagined

'I am also very small 

you know'

20 x 29 cm. .jpg

Meeting Blue 1, Pigment, dried leafs,

      pencil, leaf paper on recycled mdf, 20 x 29


20 x 29 cm. JPG.JPG

Meeting Blue II

What is your teaching?

I ask to the little raindrop

who rocks

in a little rocket chair on the grass. 

Sink with your feelings

Sink with the sorrow

Sink with the worry

Sink with the stress

Sink deep within

You will hear a slow song singing.

Meeting Blue II, Pigment, dried leafs,

      pencil, leaf paper on recycled mdf, 20 x 29


Meeting Blue III

I never imagined

my serious deep blue

to be so full of joy

until I met him.

20 x 29 cm .JPG

Meeting Blue III, Pigment, dried leafs,

      pencil, leaf paper on recycled mdf, 20 x 29



Raw blue

carvens depths

So the depth deepens

and I feel even more

Raw blue, Pigment, dried leafs,recycled plywood

      pencil, leaf paper on recycled mdf, 30 x 40 cm


To a blue whelk

Thank you

gift of blue


Sea sends me wonders

bloodline of water

moving tides

precise line

curving in sand

spiral of life


To a blue whelk, Pigment, reclaimed paper and cardboard pencil, 30 x 40 cm




High up in heaven

burns a fire

in the dance of a being

with wings to fly

She cries 

while she dances

her tears fall down

feeding the grass 

with water to grow

She alone

knows - truly knows

how to change dark in light

She smiles

while she dances

all through the night

Firefly, Pigment, papers, pastel, dried leaf, 30 x 40 cm


Corsican pine needle .jpg

Corsican pine needle, pigment, pastel, pencil, pine needle on wood, 40 x 50 cm, 2020,    



Raven feather.jpg

Raven feather  inc, pencil on recycled cardboard raven feather, 

40 x 50 cm, 2020,      



Leaf with blue ink.jpg

Red with blue leaf pigment on recycled cardboard, plywood, pencil, paint, dried leaf 35 x 50 cm,   2020,      




South, Wittgenstein on pain pigment on recycled cardboard, pencil old papers 45 x 60 cm, 2020,      



West, II old papers. pigment, pencil, 45 x 60 cm, 2020,      Sold


North I, guard, old papers. pigment, pencil, 50 x 70 cm, 2020,      Sold


North II, raven, old papers. pigment, print ,pencil, 40 x 65 cm, 2020,      Sold

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