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Embodied poetry

Galleri Fyra Vindar

In 2018 me and my husband Friso found our home in the South of Sweden in the house 'Fyra' and the village of Loshult.

The fourth house of the village (Fyra) was build around 1840 and has an atmosphere full of stories and gifts. It is used as a farm, a place for holiday school camps for kids and a bike repair workshop. The oldest tree in the garden seems to be planted around the building of the house,

it is a beautiful cherry tree.

In the summer of 2019 I opened the doors of 'Galleri Fyra Vindar'.  

With the renewed name 'Fyra Vindar' I created a visual poetry series about the four directions of the wind. 


Welcome in the gallery 

Klockarevägen 7, Killeberg (Loshult)

July/august: saturday sunday 12 - 17.00

Or on appointment:

Call: 0046739146428

Or mail: ikbenmare@gmail.com

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ikbenmare@gmail.com      Klockarevägen 7 Loshult       Galleri Fyra Vindar