M A R E   H I L S T R A

Embodied poetry

Inspiration guidance

Feeling at home and inspired in ourselves and the world around us is very important to live happily.

Sometimes we can lose a feeling of connection and inspiration or we know there is more to feel and find in and around us.  

Often it helps if someone walks, talks and looks with you to help you find it (again).

I have started to do some guidance and ceremonial work for others who want help with this.

This can be for thresholds in life (anniversary, birth, new home, wedding, funeral, new job)

or when you feel you need some help to feel more happy , inspired and connected.

In this guidance I combine my experience with art teaching, creative writing and shamanic work. 

It depends on your preference what we can focus more on. My approach is personal and open minded. 

Since I am still in my shamanic training, and developing my guidance experience,  my price is still donation based 

with a min of 20 euro/200 kr per session (+- 1 hour).

You can contact me if you are interested.

We can meet online or at my place in Loshult. 

Language Dutch or English

Contact me for more information or have a free intake.


ikbenmare@gmail.com      Klockarevägen 7 Loshult       Galleri Fyra Vindar