Poems to roots

Rooted hope/ Rotat hopp, Mare Hilstra, Easter exhibition, Loshult, Fyra Vindar 2021

Rooted hope is a collaborative exhibition between ceramist Marie Karlsson and visual poet Mare Hilstra. Both of the artists are inspired by Paleolithic shapes and lines which still have relevance today.


Empowered and inspired by these ancient shapes they made their homage works listening to soil, fire, water, paper, pigments, circles and lines.


For each of my artworks I wrote a poem. 





Know the need of trust

move, wave, sway

only listening


Every story begins this way


Raven, poem / Korp, dikt







covered up in winter

with a blanket

of falling leafs 



growth is a circle too


Cherry tree leaf / Körsbärsträdets blad






Old notebook note:


greet the blue

underneath your feet


deep in the rocks 

of the tops of the mountain


Mountain, line / Berg, linje





A line of hope

lies in a hand


Follow close. Even closer

until space embraces you.


Blue, path / Blå, våg






All leafs become blue

in dusk


Blue leaf / Blå blad





There is a blue bird

the jay bird

with blue of a summer day sky


planting acorns 

stored for winter

but forgot


until the acorn grew a lot

and one day

an oak swings branches high up

and the jay bird sings

in the tree which grew from you


Thank you

Thank you joy

thank you jay


thanks to you all

a light song sings

and blue falls down on the inside of my skin


Blue, jay bird feather / Blå jay fjäder






Sometimes the sun

lights up the crack




and space


Blue, yellow line / Blå, gul linje






Blue is falling down on the inside of my skin.


Blue I, II, III, IV / Blå I, II , III, IV






Finding a light 

a truth in blue


in the end all lines

are truly circles


White in blue / Vit i blå





At some point green appears

if you visit earth from space.


Green in blue / Grön i blå





The embrace of all homes 

are the big arms of space


Home in blue / Hemma i blå






Blue is wide

Blue is precise 


One for dark

One for light

One for here and now


Sometimes one is big

and one is small


sometimes three are one

sometimes they are all


Three blue lines / tre blå linjer





A deepening is happening

deep within me


ending an and

beginning a beginning


Take my hand says an old old stone

take a seat and see

see how slow

crocuses grow


even though fear is real

so is growth


Space is here / rhymed är här





Home in the unknown

follow a line of truth

in the chaos of life


Home in black / Hemma i svart





Truly learning to root

is also learning to fly


Fly and root / Flyga och rota





Down into the ground

is a hidden light

says dusk while the day breaks 

in two

and one


Red arrow / Röd pil






Finding heaven in the rain

Finding heaven in the soil

Finding heaven in the clay

Finding heaven deep below


Sunlight shines lines find

cracks and holes

to paint the cave with light


Hand and feather / Hand och fjäder







I want to say today

how I flew away

so far away


You keep reminding me

a different way


Today I say

deep deep root

Thank you


Step by step

foot by foot


Way home / Väg hem




Patience in weaving

Patience in believing


Patience in feeling

Patience in healing


Patience in red

Patience in blue


Patience in me

Patience in you


Patience / Tålamod





Late winter dreams 

longing of colors

of spring. She wakes up -


today I belong to pink


Pink / Rosa



Sheltered by skin

sheltered by light

and light blue


A red flows

to live with

a red to live in too


Home in red / hemma i röd