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Earth talk

Earth talk


the language of my feet

is that of feeling

of words hidden deep

deep in the ground.


I walk with the sound

of the beating heart.


Step by step.

Beat by beat.

Reaching roots

Reaching roots


Just being - in being - be home

In longing - belong.


Harvesting memories. 

Remembering, again and again.


See - what is already with me.

Sea -ing 


Being -  together as one. 

Bee - ing


Allowing -

All lower things 

to root - freely

like wings


new things shoot, 

changed by light 

changed by night.


Receiving- teachings of trees 

growing in my feet.


Beware of

what is rare stays rare - 

no matter how often it appears.


Befriending all feelings.

Repetition and uniqueness 

walking hand in hand.




A human being lies down


as she thinks.


Arms up

underneath her head -

rests on her hands.

Elbow bones

reach out as wings.


Being like this

is good - she thinks


Floating up in the wind

slowly thoughts 

land back

in the weight of her skin.

The nest of Winter

The nest of Winter


This story is about a song. A magical song, so deep and wise, the whole world was all ears. All who listened heard the most beautiful things in it;

the first smile of a newborn child, the red ochre handprints in a cave,

or footsteps of deers in the snow. One old lady in a rocking chair heard

her own heartbeat playin the baseline for the song boom boom boom


The strange thing was, this song was sang by one of the smallest birds on earth. A kind little bird with bark colored feathers and little black eyes.

This particular bird singing the song carried a special name.

She received her name from an old story about how small things and beings can have the biggest impact. She was rewarded in this story for her intelligence and bravery with the name Queen of Winter. 


But when time passed the people started to forget about the power of the little things and beings. They felt they needed to do and have bigger, brighter, greater and more things. Besides this people preferred the growth, warmth and light of spring and summer above the cold and slow autumn and winter and started to imitate the warm seasons with more lights and activities the whole year round. And even though they became very tired, even exhausted with this, they didn’t know how to stop. So the song of the bird started to fade away from their memories. 


In the meantime the little bird accepted and honored her name Queen of Winter. Being the humble queen she was - she began more and more to understand what winter wanted, needed and what wisdom she carried.

One day when the little bird felt a bit hopeless about nobody hearing her song anymore she asked winter: What can I do? And winter answered.

Let me offer them my nest. So the people will rest, deeply rest in my nest.

The queen of winter trusted winter and agreed on this.


So then a very long, cold and dark time began. At first it was tough for people. They had to change their ways and habits. In order to stay warm they had to move more and more inwards. They had to come home to their houses. They had to come home to themselves. 


Then it became even tougher, the winter was cold, wide, long and dark. People at some point truly had to save all their energy to stay alive and they started to move as little as possible. Now In order to stay warm they needed to tend to their inner fires This felt shockingly new and very old and familiair at the same time. Then slowly, very softly the people started to listen again. And very slowly the song of the queen of winters appeared. And with this - an old wisdom and joy came back into their lives. The more her song was heard inside themselves the more the outside became brighter again and the more they felt connected to all life. Slow and fast, warm and cold, light and dark. 


But for now the sunlight came through doors and windows, the snow melted and the first green grass dared to shoot into the air again.

The warmth of the sun drew a blanket on everyone. 


That morning a little girl woke up. She heard the most magical song still with her. When her eyes slowly became clear , she saw a little bird sitting next to her bedroom window, the bird was looking at her. I had a dream of the night she said to the bird. When I rested in the nest of winter. It gave me a dream of the light too. To help everyone listen. Listen to you, and your song. 

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