Kids 6 + 

If you are curious, love to create and wonder- be welcome in this special art and poetry atelier! Every week we will find stories and inspiration together with the help of books and nature. Also we will work with different drawing, color and paper techniques and experiments where there are no mistakes.

With the art we make I create some space to listen to each others stories ideas and some music too :). Besides the pure joy of it - I believe art and poetry have the power to gain self confidence and empathy with and in the world around you.

If you join a bit longer, we can work on a personal poetry book. 

Filled with what has inspired you, different drawing and painting experiments/techniques and the stories you have found and created during the art classes.

Max 4 kids. Taught in English, understanding of Swedish

Thursdays 16.30 - 17.30

@ Muff Garden and Café Köpmangatan 19, Älmhult

125 kr per class, including materials

Contact me if you are interested. 


M A R E   H I L S T R A

Embodied poetry

Art & Story atelier

To make spaces for stories we have with us and around us I offer the art and story atelier.

This is a workshop in on location or at my own garden and atelier in my home Fyra Vindar

We focus on finding inspiration and express this. You will get guidance on how to experiment with materials and find the images, lines and stories that are with and around you.      Klockarevägen 7 Loshult       Galleri Fyra Vindar