by Mare Hilstra


Songs is the second series of poetry paintings of Mare. 

It is an invitation to listen quietly while poetic questions may arise. 

What do letters look like when a tree talks?

Does a tree ever talk or is she only singing?

How does a feather of a crow expresses his story of the past?

Many things of the work are found by 'coincidence'

Some things are found on the island Mare was raised

others where found in the old house or in the forest and garden.

The frames are from recycled wood found in Fyra vindar.

Since Mare her move to Sweden her human language became less upfront, 

This is partly caused by the fact that she is surrounded by (a) new language(s). 

It also originates from her call to listen more and more to the language of nature. 

This listening is recently empowered by the the path of shamanism she has found in Sweden;

a way of life that acknowledges every thing and being has a soul. 

Feather of a seagull .jpg
Feather of a magpie.jpg
Corsican pine needle. jpg.jpg
Leaf with blue ink.jpg
Green leaf paper.jpg
Raven feather.jpg
Leaf with missing vein.jpg
Old pink fabric. JPG.JPG